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Flexible Antenna_2.4 GHz


We are working on IOT product having BLE/Wi-Fi module 2.4GHz (module part no.:ESP32-MINI-1U) for digital grill gas burner application.

We are looking for a flexible/flat patch antenna with a cable length: 50/100mm that will be mounted with an adhesive material, cost-effective, small size, and good RF performance like gain, VSWR, and efficiency.

We explored the following antenna SRF2W012-100 but this antenna does not support IPEX MHF 3 male connector. Kindly let us know a suitable antenna or custom cable solution. Please share a quote for the same (1K,10K per annum)

A quick response will be highly appreciated,

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Hello Patelritul,

We can make a custom antenna with the connector you have requested.  In order to get the cost information, you will need to contact our sales support email at

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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