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Do you make an SRFG017 bentoni gps antenna with a MMCX connector? preferrably a slim 90 degree MMCX
We are looking for an external gps antenna solution for use with a HandheldUSA Nautiz X6 that can be affixed to the back of the unit.  The internal GPS is giving us very poor accuracy and we are hoping to add an external antenna to the back plate that will increase accuracy.

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Hi Jim,

Yes, we can change to most MMCX style connectors, however, we need to know the exact specification as there are many different types of MMCX connectors.

Of course, this will be a semi-custom antenna to make, so there will be a minimum MOQ, and the price will be slightly higher based on the specific MMCX connector.

Please contact us on our sales support email:

Best regards,

Geoff S. 

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