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Is there a suggested matching network for SR4W030-100?

Hello, we plan to use the SR4W030-100 2.4GHz antenna and would like to know if there is a suggested matching network for the RF connection to the transceiver (pi-network, T-network, etc). The transceiver eval board uses a C-L-C T-network but the antenna is a PCB-mounted chip antenna.

Thank you  -JT

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Hi JT,

Typically, we use a Pi network L-C-L or C-L-C depending on where the band lands on the smith chart, however, when you follow the guidelines of our antenna placement and cable routing in our datasheet you shouldn't need the full Pi network to bring the band in if it has shifted a little.
We do offer some assistance with tuning if you would like to contact our sales support email at

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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