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For X band array antenna design for marine radars please guide
1.Need more clarity on polarisation concept for an inset fed microstrip patch antenna array

2. Need more clarity on Chebysev taper distribution

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  1. Could you elaborate on this question?
  1. The Chebysev taper distribution is a method to use an antenna as a transformer to match the transmission line and the free space. An example of this is a TEM wideband horn consisting of two linear or exponential spacing metal plates, with the exponential taper having an advantage of a smooth impedance variation throughout. 

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This was the point I studied in one of the IEEE transactions paper on array antennas

  1. The patch antennas are arranged in four arms each of which contains eight elements
  2. Is series fed using Chebysev Tapering 
  3. That is center fed using a series of microstrip lines exHibiting Chebysev taper distribution
  4. The side love level s suppressed using this techniques
  5. Please guide  on how to calculate the Chebyshev tapering coefficients and need clear idea on how this technique was applied to the patch antenna array

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