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Assisted GPS Available
Does any of your GNSS modules support assisted GPS?

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The M20050 and M10578-A3 both support the EPO function (AGPS). They both can use a 7/14/30-day orbit prediction data for reduced TTFF (Time To First fix).
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thanks for you answer. I just found that theoretically even the device we use  already M20048-1 supports it through the MTK3337E

Do you see any reasons why this might not work?


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Thanks for the correction, the M20048, M20050, M10578-A2 and M10578-A3 all have the EPO function. The MT3337E also has the EASY function added to enable 3-day orbit prediction without a network connection required.

If you require the EPO developers documentation for the module please contact your sales representative at Antenova.



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