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Making SR4G053 an active L1/L2/L5 antenna


I'm designing new drone avionics where GNSS antenna signal needs to be available for two separate receivers. I thought that since I will be splitting/buffering (any advice on that?) the antenna signal, it should be amplified beforehand. Another reason for amplification is that the drone will be either flying normally or upside down so I will have an RF switch and double antenna.

 I will be using SR4G053 and I'd like to take advantage of all three bands using the ZED-F9P receiver. 

I'd like to know if the following RF components chain would work well in such an application, would You have any recommendations regarding chip selection, and should there be a matching circuit between the antenna and SAW Diplexer:

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Hi Julian,

The block diagram looks fine, however we would recommend implementing pi-networks between each block.

Many Thanks


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