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A5887H-EVB-1 response is not matched correctly

I have a A5887H antenna on one of my new designs and we tried to match it for Bluetooth which resulted in a really narrow response graph. The -10dB was met between 2400 and 2440 MHz. This is worse than described in the datasheet so i ordered a A5887H-EVB-1 evaluation kit to see the performance of that antenna. This gave me the following response:

The white vertical lines show the bluetooth bandwith (2400 and 2480MHz) and you see that the response only starts at over 2500MHz. Why is the evaluation module matched so far to the right? And is there a way to improve bandwith on the initial antenna setup?

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Jeroen Verhoeff

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Hi Jeroen,

Sorry you are having issues with your measurements. With your device it could be that you need to change the matching component values to tune the antenna better, are you using the values given in the data sheet or have you matched these values yourself? With regards to the EVK, it's possible that it may have been damaged in transit, we'd like to find the root cause as soon as possible - please contact to get in touch with your regional representative who can arrange a replacement.

Many Thanks

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Hey Steve,

Regarding this: yes we did match the antenna ourselves, we did the matching and when we found out that it was quite narrowband (see picture below) we did also a secondary matching by another RF expert who had the same results. In that regard we now assumed the antenna is too narrowband and we could not validate that with your EVM board. is it possible to review this picture and say something af the performance of the antenna?

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Hi Jeroen,

It would be difficult to speak to the performance of the antenna from the plot you provided.  We do offer services to send your device to us to be measured in our anechoic chamber to determine the true performance of your integration of our antenna.  Please contact our tech support email to arrange this at

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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