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I need a smaller antenna that can transimit through metal

I am a law enforcement officer using an Ensurity tracking device that has your SR4L002 antenna. I need this device to work inside of a metal tube. I was wondering if you make an antenna that is just a wire so that we can drill a small hole in the tube and just have the wire sticking out to transmit signal? It is critical that the object does not appear to have a tracking device attached. I have been doing test with the SR4L002 and it does not function in the metal tube so we need to find another solution.

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Andrew Koltuniak / San Francisco District Attorney Inspector #113

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Hi Thomas,

It's not possible for an antenna to transmit/receive through metal, for sure you will require an external antenna. We do have a range of external antennas but it would require substantial modification of the device and the antennas and would be too conspicuous for your needs. I would suggest you contact Ensurity to see if they have a solution to meet your requirements.

Many Thanks


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