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How will moving an antenna in-board by 5 mm affect its performance?
My application requires moving the antenna in from the edge of the PCB.

The PCB is round and about 2 inches in diameter and the antenna currently sits about 1 mm from the edge of the board.

As the the antenna is moved in-board, at what point will the performance be degraded?  In what ways will this manifest?

Can this be mitigated if the ground plane is pulled back along with moving the antenna in-board?

*Using the Fusca A10192H.

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Hi Isaac,

Fusca works optimally in the corner of a short edge of a rectangular PCB. However, that assumes that the whole PCB is flooded with ground, the FR4 is invisible to the antenna you only need worry about the copper (ground plane) - if you can replicate this shape on the circular PCB that would be ideal (see examples below). Can you provide a basic drawing showing the placement of Fusca and the shape of the copper ground plane/traces so I can better understand how you would like to do your layout?

Many Thanks


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