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Would it be possible to send you a PCB Layout and get a short Review ?
One of your Antennas is used by us in a EU subsidised project (the SR4C033-L Antenna), we are having issues with the 2nd harmonic in an EMC measurement. This issue could be matching network related, could also be due to short traces from the tuning L or Input of the Antenna without GND beneath.

Would it be possible to Review our Layout+Matching Network ? We could provide Layout Files and even a Impedance measurement of the Layout+Antenna and our matching Network. Maybe even do this in a short call ?
kind regards

Lukas Spielberger

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Hi Lukas,

Sure, no problem, this is a standard service we offer to all of our customers free of charge. Please contact and let us know which country you are based in, so we can put you in touch with your regional representative.

Many Thanks


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