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Tuning of M20057-1
We have incorporated the M20057-1 antenna in our design for use with a GPS module. Our PCB also allows us to use an external GPS via an on-board SMA connector. We are able to get GPS time and position fairly quickly with the external GPS. When using the M20075-1, it takes significantly longer to get GPS time (on the order of 5-10minutes) and over an hour to get GPS position. We believe that the tuning may need to be adjusted. Do you have any application documents that describe how to adjust the external tuning or at least provides a range of values to test with?

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Hi Zglowe,

Please contact our tech support at  We will be able to review your design to ensure the layout was done efficiently and go over tuning the device in detail with you.
Most external antenna will perform better due to many reasons two of which are that the external antenna is more balanced and the second is the antenna is further away from noise sources than an internal antenna is.

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Geoff S.

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