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SR4L034/SR4L002 best position

Hello Antenova team,

We have to design a PCB with 3G/4G antenna. In a previous project the SR4L034 worked very well, but now the PCB is more chalenging. Please see the picture below. On the upper side there is an active GPS patch. On the bottom side is an USB C connector. There are also some mounting screws for the PCB and for the housing. 

Please advice us concerning the best antenna type and position. We have considered SR4L034 in a vertical placement configuration or SR4L002.



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We would recommend that the SR4L034 be placed in this configuration but keep in mind the reduced performance due to the effects of a short ground plane on page 11 of the datasheet.

If the USB could be relocated to the side of the device we would recommend the SR4L034 be located on the opposite edge from the GPS where the USB is currently located.

If there is room in the housing to place an FPC adhered to the inside of the housing, that would also be a viable option. For a more in depth discussion please contact our

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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