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Antenna Recommendation for LTE-M1 Band 28

In New Zealand and Australia, LTE-M1 is implemented predominantly on Band 28 with Band 3 used in some areas.  Are you able to please recommend some antenna options optimised for 700-800 MHz please?  A PCB mounted antenna would be preferable but adhesive with uFL could also be an option.  It will be used with a embedded LTE-M1 cell module on a custom PCB.  End application is in consumer/home installations.



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Hi Ashley -

Thanks for the inquiry. We are happy to advise. Please get in touch with, and then, our regional representative will contact you and catch up on your inquiry with technical support team. Thanks.


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Hi Ashley,

We have a few antennas that cover this band, Embedded: Lucida, Inversa, Allani. FPC: Mitis, Moseni, Lutosa. It's important at this stage to consider whether you need certification for this device; with small PCBs 700-800MHz performance is dependent on the PCB ground plane to radiate efficiently so the PCB should be as long as possible. Please contact to get in touch with your regional representative who can help go through your design and requirements in more detail and give you a fully tailored response for your project.

Many Thanks

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Thanks.  I have emailed sales...

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