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What compliance/certifications do you have for the tests done on the M10578-A2 GPS module

Could you please look up this GPS module M10578-A2and give details of all further certifications/compliances done?

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Dear customer -

Thanks for the enquiry.

With regards to certification / compliance for M10578-A2, could you please let us know what sort of standards you are interested the most ? Could you please share a (few) specific name(s) if you'd know it/ them ?


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We are interested in any certifications to do with EMC and RF. The below or any of their international equivalents please?

AS/NZS 61000-6-4 EMC emissions
AS/NZS 4268 (Short range radio)
RCM – 1W Telemetry command (AS 4268)
USA – 1W (FCC Part 15.247)Canada – 4W (RSS-210)
Europe – 100mW (ESTI 300 328) or  10mW (ETSI 300 440) 

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Hi Hiro,

Please see below certification for this module.

RED (2014/53/EU)

EN 301 489 -1

EN 301 489 -19

EN 55032:2015+AC2016-07

EN 6100-4-2:2009, EN 6100-4-3:2006+A1:2008+A2:2010

FCC Part 15:2017, Subpart B, Class B

For the standards you've requested, It's my understanding that your complete device would have to be tested as a sytem for compliance, although the above certification may satisfy part of this approval process.

Many Thanks


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