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GNSS antenna for a 35x52mm PCB
Hi, we're developing a second revision of hardware, and so far our GNSS has performed poorly (not antenova), so we decided to change the whole GNSS circuit. We've been looking antenovas antennas and found this support forum.

We're developing a high density 52x35mm 4 layer PCB with NB-IoT external FFC antenna,  and a BLE microstrip antenna on the opposite side of the board.

What do you recommend? Implement a SMD or FFC antenna?


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Hi Jorge -

Thanks for the enquiry.

Just wondering if you were saying FFC (Flexible Flat Cable) antenna, or, FPC (Flexible Print Circuit) antenna ?

Please contact Antenova's regional Sales by, and we will get in touch with you for further reviews of the design, and selection of the type of Antenova's antenna ranges.


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Thanks for the reply, yes I meant fpc.

I'll try contacting Antenovas's regional sales, but can they answer technical questions?

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Hi Jorge -

Sure thing. They could liaise with Antenova's Technical team to look into your questions and get back.


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