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What's the gain of SR4C033-L for bands 1, 3 and 28?

we re certifying a device with SR4C033-L. The lab asked us to provide the gain of the antena on bands 1, 3 and 28. Could you provide me with these values? As the antenna does not support these bands, we are not able to check the gains in the data sheet.


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Dear customer -

Thanks for the enquiry.

You are right. The three bands (B1/ 3/ 28) is not supported by Latona-L (SR4C033-L). Consequently, we suggest this case should re-run chamber testing to get actual antenna gain results with your hardware device with Latona-L fitted. Please get in touch with, and Antenova's regional representative will contact you for the enquiry and see what technical supports we could supply. Thanks.


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