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question about antenna

I bought a product from your company called SR4C033

But I want to know the antenna impedance of SR4C033 for matching

I need to know the antenna impedance to be able to match with LC, but the datasheet you presented does not show the impedance of the antenna, so I ask this question.

Simply put, it is the impedance where the antenna is located (Input Impedance of Antenna)

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Hi Park,

We only quote antenna impedance once matched, as it will depend on your transmission line and layout. It is DC open-circuit. You can measure the impedance by breaking the trace between the module and the antenna, connecting a test cable (tails) to the feed (still connected to the antenna), you will need to factor in the electrical delay also in order to 'null-out' the test cable.
We do offer a matching service in our lab, so we can handle the optimisation for you. We provide a full report with matching component values, return loss, efficiency and 2D & 3D radiation patterns. Please contact to get in touch with your regional representative who will help you with what you need.

Many Thanks


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