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board question

I bought a product from your company called SR4C033

And I measured the product after making a PCB using a program called CST.

But in your company DataSheet, the frequency band used is 791 – 960MHz, whereas the resonant frequency when actually measured is around 600Mhz.

So I have a few questions

1. The PCB board on which the product SR4C033 is mounted uses fr4 as the board, so can you tell me about the substrate of the Reference Board you are selling??

2. The size of the PCB I made is 32*28mm, but in the datasheet you provided, the reference board is 115*35mm

If the board size gets smaller, will the resonance frequency change?

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Hi Park,

Our EVK is standard FR4, these are available to purchase from the website.

PCB length is critical to the performance of any cellular antenna, and for sure the resonance will shift without changing the matching. However, resonant will shift up with reduction in PCB length, I suspect the real resonance is much higher and what you see at 600MHz is a fraction of the resonant CF. 32x28mm is very small and the antenna must be on the short edge.
We would be happy to review your layout, gerber, stack up and 3D files and advise you further. Please contact for a more detailed review.

Many Thanks


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