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Do you have an LTE/4G antenna that can be mounted on metal surfaces?
Dear Sir or Madame,

we are looking for an LTE antenna specifically using NB-IoT or LTE-M that can be mounted on top of a metal enclosure within a box of the dimensions 130mm x 20mm x 50mm (WHD). The metal enclosure is a bit larger than the box given but only in depth and height. While we could attach an antenna inside a plastic case and maybe put some ferrite material underneath, you may already have a more competitive solution.

Unfortunately I have not found any suitable antenna for LTE Band 20, 8 and 3 in your offerings. Since we are in the evaluation/prototype stage we would gladly hear about any suitable product that you are currently in the process of bringing out into the market.
I hope you can help.

Best Regards,

Kilian Timmler

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Hi Kilian,

We currently don't have any reflector type cellular antennas and we don't have any on our roadmap. However, there may be alternative solutions for your device based on your enclosure and requirements, please contact to get in touch with your regional representative who can help you with a more detailed response based on your design/drawings.

Many Thanks

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply. We found that we had a missing antenna ground connection to the enclosure. This improved our situation. We also have enough space between antenna and enclosure available. Adding some ferrite material now only provides a small improvement if any.
Best Regards,

Kilian Timmler

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