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Bolt on Antenna PCB?

Forgive me, I am completely out of my wheelhouse (though it sure is interesting!)...

I want to leverage a highly available adapter, but instead of the included large antennas, use tiny Antenova Lepida antennas because space is an issue. Is it conceivable to create a PCB exclusively to hold (2 = CAT-12 or 4 = CAT-13+) Lepida's and "simply" bolt on the Lepida antenna PCB onto the adapter PCB into the holes where the SMA connectors typically mount (there's ground there, right?)?  

Here's a detail that might help... there doesn't appear to be any active circuits or leads between the top edge of the adapter board (next to the SMA connectors) through to the module standoff. It appears to all be passive, perhaps by design to avoid interfering with the SMA antenna? There's a bunch of little tiny holes in that area, I'm unsure why or if that matters?

Am I onto something genius here or am I hallucinating?  If the former, I'll be looking for someone to help with the design, please. :-)

Sorry for the horrid graphic, I'm aiming for the right-most design with the Antenova's. Stacking them horizontally, if equally or more optimal, will probably be acceptable even though they will be wider than the M.2 adapter, which is fine with me. The adapter dimensions are 45mm W x 85mm L x 12mm H including SMA connector and circuit board.

Thanks everyone!


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Our SMD antennas are intended to be connected directly to the module via trace (Co-Planar Waveguide), using cables or connectors will introduce loss. As with all our SMD antennas Lepida requires the PCB ground plane in order to radiate, as shown on our EVK in the data sheet. There may still be viable solutions from Antenova and we are happy to provide technical support. Please contact to get in touch with your regional representative who can give you support fully tailored to your project.

Many Thanks


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