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Lucida SR4L002 LTE bands

We use SR4L002 antenna with u-blox LTE modem. This modem supports many LTE bands, included band 20 and 28:
Band 20 has ranges (MHz) - UL: 832 to 862, DL: 791 to 821
Band 28 has ranges (MHz) - UL: 703 to 748, DL: 758 to 803

The antenna has the following frequency ranges:
698 – 798 MHz / 824 – 960 MHz / 1710 – 2170 MHz / 2300 – 2400 MHz / 2500 – 2690 MHz

So, it seems that the gap 799...823 MHz excludes Bands 20 and 28. But I see that antenna SR4L034 (quite similar to SR4L002) has the same gap in brief description, but in .pdf I see the range 698-960MHz.

My questions are:
Why does this antenna has the gap 799...823 MHz in documentation?
Could I use SR4L002 antenna for Bands 20 and 28?


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Hi Maxim -

Thanks for the questions. Technically, the antenna can also support B20 and B28 frequencies.

Also, thanks for flagging this up and we are looking into the frequency specification 698~798 MHz at Antenova website and will update it as soon as available.


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