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How much can flexible antennae be curved and which one is best?

What antenna would your recommend for my LTE CAT M1 application? The antenna needs to be curved to fit within a plastic cylinder of diameter 4 cm.

Would one of your antennae work with this amount of curving? The PCB is a 40x40mm PCB so a PCB antenna likely won't work due to the ground plane being too small. Thanks. 

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Hi Ayousif,

I need a little more information about your device. Which bands do you need? What is the length of the cylinder?

Many Thanks
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Hi Steve,

Let's assume the bands we need are 2, 4, and 13. The cylinder height is 22mm but could be potentially extended slightly. Thanks again.
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Hi Ayousif,

Our smallest FPC currently to cover the bands you require is Lutosa, this has a length of 95mm, it's just within the workable bend radius. However, given the size of the cylinder at 40x22mm, there will be many other factors that will influence performance; such as PCB placement, mechanical parts etc. We'd need to see some drawings and get some more information to discuss your options. Please contact to get in touch with your regional representative who can help you with a fully tailored response.

Many Thanks


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