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best active gnss antena for ZED F9P in small foot print


I dont find at comercial scale small packaged ublox F9P board so I'm planing to design one (

objective is a 25x25 mm pcb with ZED-F9P on bottom layer and antena above 

recomended antena is described below : 

Antenna typeActive antenna
Minimum active antenna gain17 dB
Maximum active antenna gain50 dB
Noise figure<4 dB
L1 band antenna gain1559 - 1606 MHz: 3 dBic typ.
L2/E5b band antenna gain1197 - 1249 MHz: 2 dBic typ.
Axial ratio2 dB max at Zenith
Phase center variation<10 mm over elevation/azimuth
Group delay variation in-band10 ns max at each GNSS system bandwidth. Note:Inter-signal requirement 50 ns max.
EMI immunity out-of-band30 V/m
Out-of-band rejection40 dB typ
ESD circuit protection15 kV human body model air discharge
as I'm not aN extremlly talented RF engineer I try to find something suitable in your products but it could be easier to ask directly if something fits
all active antena I seen on your product pages is requierring at least 40 mm length ground plane witch is a bit to mutch for my footprint needs
can you help me a bit on that product selection phase ?
thank's for any help

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Dear customer -

Thanks for the enquiry.

Please get in touch with and get in touch with our regional representative to send your questions in details, including PCB stack-up design, PCB gerber files, 3D step files, etc. We are happy to offer technical advice for the pick-up of Antenova antennas for the whole design.


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