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Should I tune my antenna for the bands on my module?

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If the module you have is a multiband solution, like LTE. Then you only need to tune the antenna for the bands you wish your product to operate on.
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Does Antenova provide a note concerning the method to tune a multiband antenna for several bands ?
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You only have to adjust the antenna on the bands which will be used by your product afterwards. Multiband modules for NB-IoT and LTEM cover 13 bands and often more. NB-IoT is used in Europe on vol. 8 and vol. 20. For the fallback on GSM you need vol. Bd. 8 and 3. LTEM is mostly on vol. Bd. 8, 20 and 3. if this is the case for you then you only have to adapt and certify your product for three bands.

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