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Guidelines for matching circuit - Inversa / Lucida

in our product we will use LTE Cat M1 module working in bands 698 - 960 MHz and 1710 - 2170 MHz.My PCB will be ~100 x 60 mm, I can put antenna on shorter edge of the board. I consider usage of Lucida or Inversa antenna. Which one would you recommend? Could you please provide some guidelines for matching the antenna for two bands simultaneously?
what is the purpose of L3 (for Lucida) / L4 (for Integra)? Which components should be used for matching low band and which for matching high band?

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Hi Jakub

Thanks for your question.
Based on the information provided Lucida is most likely the best option. Matching component values and topology will be specific to your device, as standard we always recommend the values used for the EVB in the data sheet as a starting point. L3/L4 are the return component and act as a kind of band select, as you require 698MHz I would stick the the value for the EVB.

We are always keen to engage with our customers as early as possible in their design process and would be happy to review your gerber, stack up and 3D files and advise you further.
Please contact to get in touch with your regional sales representative who can help you with this.

Many Thanks

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Hi Steve,

thank you for your answer. One thing is a little bit confusing to me - could you provide some details what do you mean by "L3/L4 are the return component and act as a kind of band select"? Does it mean that I need different value of L3 for 700 MHz band and different value for 1800 / 2100 MHz band?

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