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SRFWG018 dont work with my gnss

I'm conctacting you because I bought SRFWG018 and place it on my gps but i cant read any data from satelites.

I tried also, my gps with original antenna in the same scenario and it working weel, do you know what can happening?

the gps was put in open field free of objets to the sky.

tks in advance

Br Roberto Laranjeira

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Hi Roberto,

Can you share a pic of how you have installed the antenna in your device?

If you would like to keep it private you can contact us on our and we can take a look.

Best regard,

Geoff S.
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Hi Roberto,

Asper SRFWG018 needs to be loaded on plastic in order to resonate correctly, if it's 'floating' in free space it will be off tune. There may also be other factors at play, can you share some photos of your device and setup please? You can also contact, if you would prefer not to publicly share this information.

Many Thanks


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