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Antenna ground plane

The datasheet for LTE antenna SR4L034-R states a 150mm Ground plane required for 617MHz band. I currently have a PCB ~90x70mm (LxW) with a 2nd PCB, ~40 x 70mm (LxW), connected via a board to board connector. Is it feasible to have these 2 boards as a Flex rigid with the GND plane from PCB1 extended to PCB2 by the FPC, ~30mm, to meet the 150mm requirement?


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Hi Steven,

SR4L034 does not support band 71, the low frequency cut-off is 698MHz. If you require band 71, we do have suitable antennas. Typically you will get an increase in performance with a good ground connection between two PCBAs as you suggest, however relative position, mechanical parts and enclosure positions should not interfere with antenna clearance areas.

Many Thanks

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Thanks Steve,
Band 71 is not required, the 617MHz was the the example used to provide the length of the GND plane. Ill run some tests with a couple of PCBAs connected as i dont think a flex rigid PCB will be suitable price wise.

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