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Is the Latona SR4C033 the best antenna for an NBIOT device operating in Band 28?

Currently using the SR4C033 antenna on NBIOT devices using the Sierra Wireless HL-7800 with a network using Band 28 with NB1 traffic in the guardbands.  In some instances with known network coverage same device with Band 5 and cellular connection works but NBIOT device cannot find network.

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Hi Derek,

Latona is designed for band 5 use, but not band 28. Frequencies supported are 791-960MHz. We do have other antennas which do support band 28, however. Is it just band 5 and band 28 that you require?

Many Thanks

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I require band 3 and band 28 however band 28 is the priority at the moment
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Hi Derek,

As you require band 28 Inversa or Lucida are probably most suitable. We are always keen to engage with our customers as early as possible in their design process and we offer a free design review service, so can help you integrate our antennas to get the best possible performance, please contact to get in touch with your regional representative who can guide you through the process.

Many Thanks

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Thanks Steve.  WIll do

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